Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I bumped into Lil Twinkle!

I was blog-surfing and was sooo glad to have bumped into Lil Twinkle! Its an amazing on-line store specially catered to boys! Good news for mothers like me .. cos when I go to the departmental stores, I can only see rows & rows of girlie stuff ... sweet and pretty .. but now, here's my chance to shop till I drop!

I specially loooooove this pants! Low cut pants somemore! So cute especially for just-learning-to-walk toddlers. Cute eh. The price:RM38.90 only.

And how can I miss this cute backpack. Seems just too perfect for my 2 year old. The price : RM45.00 only.

And this is the first time I come across a multi-purpose bib cum bandana. Soooo stylish! The price : RM13.90 only.

And oh guess what, if you are a lucky blogger, you might just win a chance to win it for free! Wanna know how? Just visit the site for yourself. You'll be amazed at the collection they have at such reasonable prices. Come on! Join me!

Last but not least, for all those "princess" mommies, dont worry dear, there are collection for girls too. Start hunting the site now!

Total Price : Priceless!


TheBlueRanger said...

Hi, I happened to find your blog from Darren's blog. I found the recipe for choc moist cake and just wanna say thank you for sharing the recipe.

Josephine said...

All the things are cute!