Friday, February 13, 2009

Cute Blogger Award

Yippee! My 1st award for the new year *smile*!!! Thanks pretty Jo!

As per the rules of the award, I am suppose to say something about the person who passed me this award. And here it goes.

Josephine is a blogger I met through the Malaysian Bloggers Forum. At that time, we were both looking out for networks to build up our blogs. But ar ...this girl ar .. already got her first cheque from Nuffnang .. while mine is only at 50 sen now ... see, pretty girls ar .. sure got advantage one.

Another rule of the blog is, to list down 10 facts/hobbies about me. Well, I'm kinda boring person but will try to list down what I can see in myself lah.
  1. I am fat.
  2. I am really fat.
  3. I love chocolates with nuts.
  4. I love drinking half a cuppa coffee after meals.
  5. I prefer spicy (indian/malay) food rather than Chinese food.
  6. I love my hubby and son to bits!
  7. I love my mom and appreciate all her sacrifices!
  8. I can't wait to move into our own house after 4 yrs of marriage.
  9. I am currently "hot" on learning how to cook & bake (and hope this "hot" thing wont cool down once I have my own kitchen :-)
  10. I have been longing for a good night sleep since my son was born .. so still waiting for the day he stops asking for milk at night.
So, got 10 up there. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Does this make you feel you know me a wee bit better?


Josephine said...

Wei, u are a mother already, should feel glad cos u still look pretty and young.
Fat is FOOK. Is a good sign.
Got handsome son with long and thick eye lashes some more. Husband also good looking (jaga baik baik ya, handsome man very laku wan :P)

Happy Valentine's day my dear!

little prince's mummy said...

Great award!~

Kristie said...

yes i got to know u a lil better! :)

good that u love to cook, share ur good food with ur loves ones!