Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY almost over :-(

It was hard waking up this morning. It is my first day back to work in the new Lunar New Year. After 12 days of being away from the office, actually I was a bit eager to get back to the routine .. simply because it has been darn tiring taking care of my lil one 24-7 for the past 12 days! His unending energy is .. is ... is ... (I have nothing to say, too tired).

Moreover, today is the 9th day of Lunar New Year, and being married to a Hokkien "lang", we had the "tien kong" festival last night. Lots and lots of preparation and had to wait till midnight before we can start our prayers. Probably fell asleep as past 2am this morning and by 6.30am, had to wake up to ensure we dont get stuck in the usual morning traffic as all of KLnites start work today due to the public holiday yesterday to commemorate City Day.

No pictures from me today although we have been eating out every lunch & dinner since the eve of CNY ... just no mood to snap any pics while attending to lil one.

I prayed hard last night for my lil one to sleep without waking up at night for milk or for any reason. Prayed that he would enjoy his night sleep from tonight onwards as he is a big boy now. Prayed that he would be an obedient boy and listen to mommie & daddie's words. So will have to wait and see if it works :-)

Today will be mostly spent blog-hopping as I have not touched my laptop for the past 12 days as well. So my blogger friends, here I come :-)

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Josephine said...

Welcome back!!!
Miss u so much!!!

Tian Kong will "bou yau" u guys geh!
I was in SG yesterday, it was so quiet! Only can smell smoke from joss stick. Cannot hear sound of fire crackers at all. No fun wan...