Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cash 4 Gold

Just got to know about this site Cash 4 Gold that provides cash in exchange for gold. Sounds like a pawnshop that we used to have around town in the 70's? Well, taking about pawnshop, I wonder where they all disappeared. I remember seeing quite a number of those shops during the good old days.

Honestly, when I was very young, my mom used to visit those pawnshops to exchange her jewellery for cash as well. Yeah, we were pretty poor those days. But since coming across this site, things have indeed been given a new twist to the good old pawnshop! Not that I need it at all now but just that such services can be "modernised" too!

Cash 4 Gold makes the process for converting your gold for cash real easy. You just got to go online and register yourself for a gold kit. Once you receive the kit, place your jewellery in it and send it back to Cash 4 Gold via FedEx (which provides for tracking the package easily). Once it arrives, you will be informed by them. And if you sign up for the Fash Cash system, the money will be banked directly into your chosen bank account! Super easy right? And most importantly, it is safe. Check it out!

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