Sunday, January 18, 2009

What happened over the weekend

It was another busy weekend as usual. In fact, every single day since lil one arrived, there is always not enough time on hand. Leaving the house every morning whilst the sky is dark and only returning after sunset as well. Dinner is usually at 9.30pm every workday. So tiring!

Weekends are even worst! That's because I have lil one to me all day long. He has to cling to me whenever he seems me. He will cry (or pretend to cry) and wants to me hug him or carry him and even sit with him while he watches his favourite DVDs. So tiring!

On Saturday, it was daddie's birthday and daddie decided to spend the day with lil one & mommie at the Zoo! Cool idea eh! Actually its an al-cheapo idea .. cos mommie told daddie that its free entrance on his birthday, so that's why we went :-) Saved Rm15 ..hehehe. It was lil one's maiden trip to the Zoo and oh boy ... all he wanted was to be carried all the way! And only wants to be carried by his mommie! So tiring!

We went home 2 hrs later and fed lil one some noodles and then tried to coax him to have a nap. And a second later, both mommie & daddie were snoring as well :-) So tiring!

In the evening, mommie planned to "belanja" daddie, MIL, SIL & BIL dinner. We headed to Queen's Park for the famous "Golden Pumpkin Porridge Steamboat" ... sounds good leh .. well, yeah, its good! But of course, lil one wont sit still ... we took turns to carry him around. Thank god Queen's Park had a pet store and we took him there to check out the cute cats & lovely puppies. So tiring!

On Sunday, daddie went for his badminton as usual and I decided to spend the day at Mom's place cos I was dead tired. Needed some help with lil one. But Mom was busy making muruku & frying nga-ku for CNY. Tell you a secret, my Mom's muruku is to-die-for!!! I felt so bad bothering Mom on that day. But lil one fell asleep at 1pm for his nap, so I took the opportunity to help Mom with all the frying. Then we spring cleaned the whole house, etc. So tiring!

So that's how we spent the weekend ... so tiring!


Josephine said...

Happy Birthday MR. ???
err... sorry ar, i donno ur surname.
Maybe i will just call u lil monster's papa!

MamaFaMi said...

Happy belated birthday to Daddie!

vickylow said...

Very tiring with clingy boy huh. But do enjoy this moment, they will fly away like bird when they grow up :)

yatie said...

it's tiring actually even during during weekend esp for working moms/...

sting said...

hahaha... hope you have recovered ya :-) Take care so that you don't fall sick... CNY coming! happy belated birthday to your hubby :-)

Ann said...

hear weekends are always more tiring than my weekdays!

It's a mix between wanting to spend time with the kid, wanting to take him out and "please, can someone take over!"

hope our kids grow up quickly to be a little independent!