Monday, January 12, 2009

Clear Shoe Boxes

Remember I told you about my friends transparent shoe box purchase and I never got to get over to her place to see it? Well I spotted some at the concourse of Bangsar Shopping Centre on Christmas Eve ... and this is how they look like.

Nope did not purchase any for myself .. cos this is not a priority to me .. moreover, I hardly have more than 5 pairs of shoes at one time. Yes, its true. I am not a shoe or clothes fanatic. Dont really enjoy shopping unless I need something. Sounds like a low-maintenance woman huh? Hehehehe...not sure if hubby would agree.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Family first, wow! You are one of the very few I know clothes and shoes not your priority. Goodfor you.
Most women, the first thing they say on hearing there's a party or dinner invitation will say, "I've got nothing to wear".
Then after getting the dress, its shoes to match....and the cycle goes on, ha ha.

My wife has three 7 foot long step racks for her shoes, some only worn twice...and still it's "I've no shoes to wear". I only have three pairs of shoes, everyone seen 5 years or longer, ha ha.
Oh well....thats life.
You have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

vickylow said...

Nice shoe box and shoe too. This is much convenience to know what shoe in the box with just a glance outside.

constance said...

it is really good to be thrifty, especially at a time like these. we all have our weakness. i also weighed priorities in my life when it comes to shopping.. perhaps it is the sign of aging cos i didn't think this way when I was younger. I do have lots of bags though. but now i really hardly spend on myself, only kids.

hey i've started a new food blog. do add me when you are free okie?

agnes said...

hahaha, even I have 20 pair of shoes also will not buy this loh.. hahahhaa... since put the shoes at store room with shoes rack etc.. dont think i need to purposely buy the box to store it.. seems like an extra step to me ;)

Rina said...

i saw those shoe boxex as well. But 29.90 for a box, quite expensive. But it is a cool idea , though

sting said...

hehe.. me too.. don't have much shoes and don't quite like shopping either but will always tell hubby "I don't have anything to wear!" :-)

Josephine said...

btw, how much?

Kristie said...

wow u are a real practical woman :) good for saving money (i hope :p)