Friday, December 12, 2008

Itchy Tooth?

I have yet to ask the doctor but sometimes I really wonder why oh why ... my son never stops biting! He really loves to bite! Everything! I posted about this before .. and at that time I thot he was still teething.

But now he is 20 months old and all his teeth in place .. and he still loves to bite! Especially his mommie!

Ok ok dont stare too long ... I know you are looking at my fat arms .. I distort the pics already .. but still look fat lah ... cos I am fat mah .. so its ok lah ... life is always fair .... kekekekekeke.

But ar .. this bite ar ... the moment he sank his teeth on my t-shirt, I immediately pulled him away ... the bite probably lasted for about 1 second only I tell you .. and even then, this is the damage! Most of the time, the "damage" is on my b**bs! Loves to pretend to hug & cuddle me, then suddently ... kena! Daddie also kena a few times already. His grandma .. aduh .. don't mention lah ... always kena one.


vickylow said...

Previously my girl do have this habit. Sometime when we carry her and she would too exciting and bite on our shoulder. Soon she passed this habit. I think it's a phase. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Yeah..some kids like to bite. My girl has attempted to bite me 2-3 times before and I will tell her "NO" and divert her attention by taking her hand and stroking my face gently and say "Sayang mummy". Then praise her for being good to sayang mummy. :)

LittleLamb said...

ahhahhaah like a love bite.. :)
for u to remember..


Mummy Gwen ... my lil one is pretty cunning one lar .. when you are not watching ar . he will "attack"! Just the other day, i was standing on the chair trying to adjust the curtain railing, our friend come wanna bite my legs! Luckily my mom saw him "charging" at me and manage to stop him in time .. his mouth already on my leg just the teeth not yet sink in only!

Christine said...

Dear JO
So fun to follow your life from the cold and wintery Sweden. :-) Do you have those bitetoys they give to their babies here in Sweden? It is like this plastic toy that you put in the fridge and when it is cold enough they give it to their babies. Apperently it eases the itching for the babies.
Hope you are well..
Kind regards Christine

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ouch!! looks painful eh? poor daddy and mommy.

MommyAngel said...

Oh .. that must be really really painful in order to get those 'marks' .... ouch!!!! Don't worry, your arms is so slim, wait till you see mine :P :P

Oh Ya, I have an award for your blog here