Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Best Deal in Town for Online Photo Prints!

I could not believe it when I saw Ai Lian's post about this great deal from this online store! A mere 30 sens for a 4R print sounds like a really good bargain!

I had always had great pics in hard copies as I always believed that it was a nicer way of sharing pics with others in albums like those good old days. I have lots & lots of hardcopy albums from my various travels around the world.

I had planned to do the same when I had my lil one over a year ago.. but oh boy .. how wrong I was! I hardly had the time or energy to do it .. and kept posponing this lovely little activity right until now!

I love this online facility. Its such a breeze when you need to order pictures. Its easy upload function also makes it so user-friendly for first-timers like me. And the best part is they DELIVER! Dont need to waste my (limited) time with driving out or finding a car park! And mind you, we have to drive out twice to complete one errand like this .. driving there to deliver and then another trip to collect it!

But now, its super easy in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 - choose upload function
Step 2 - upload photos
Step 3 - select print sizes

Viola! Done! Cool eh! Why dont you try it now? I promise you this will be the only photo print store you'll ever need from now on!

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