Friday, November 21, 2008

Which Diet Works Best?

I know! I know! Everybody who has seen me since I gave birth advises me to spend some time for exercise and watch what I eat. This is because I didnt only fail in loosing the pounds that I gained during pregnancy, but have been putting on weight as well since childbirth! I really dont know why this is happening to me (despite having limited sleep every single night since lil one came along) but perhaps the disturbed and lack of sleep that has caused my body system to go tipsy turvy? Well, at least this would be what I would love to think!

I tried dieting for a while sticking to low carbs and high on protein, then I got fed up. Then I started on a meal replacement diet and that didn't work out as well. So I got fed-up and decided to surf the web to find out which diet works best for my body. And guess what! Viola! I found the perfect place!

This place provides pretty much information of how each diet works. We have all heard of the Atkins Diet and WeightWatchers among others and what this site provides in their indepth review of each of the diets that is in town and how exactly it works best. Not only that. It also provides various different categories of diets, for example, meal based diets or calorie-counting diets, etc. So you get to read in detail how each works and then decide if that is the one you can follow through and sustain. Dont forget to browse through its many healthy recipes too as we all deserve a nice meal every now and then without feeling guilty, right?

I think I will take a look at this further and see if I can digest this into my current work and babysitting schedule not forgetting I finish work at almost 8pm everynight! But we got to start somewhere right? Good luck!


Asianmommy said...

I need to work on this. Since I've been spending so much time in front of the computer screen, I seem to keep running to the cupboard for more snacks to munch on!

Josephine said...

Gam Fei ar?

You must ask my DEAR, he was 123kg 2 years ago and now 63 only. Even his own friends cant recognize him! lol

Josephine said...

But, he spent one and a half years wor. Exercise (mainly sit up), no sugar in any drink, and of cos reduce food intake. He used lots of slimming cream too, but he din go for those slimming center.

Now even got slimming center wants him to become their ambassador, lol

I am proud of him too.

U.Lee said...

Hi Family wife is 62 and she is as beautiful as the day I met her 35 years ago.
Infact our orang puteh friends will tease her call her, 'hi gorgeous'.
She can still wear the sarong she wore the day we met first time as well the cheong sum the night I asked her to be my life partner.

She brought the dresses here and every year on her birthday will wear them.

She eats like a horse, more than me sometimes, ha ha...but every morning without fail she does her exercises, bending, stretching ten minutes. She drinks 5 cups of Chinese Green tea a day, eats vegetables like a rabbit, ha ha...and we hardly eat red meat...

As well we eat lots of tau fu, cooked in different styles.
we stay 5 minutes from MacDonalds and in 21 year only went in three times, twice for coffee with friends, once when they opened we try the burgers. Never been back past ten years.

We eat lots of fish apart from vegetables. And my wife takes Bee Pollen tablets every morning past 30 over years.

If you check it up, bee pollen slows down aging. Lots of Hollywood actresses take it too.
And believe it or not, my wife is 62, she looks 45,no wrinkles.

And oh yes, she sleeps in the afternoons on weekends. Sleeping helps to relax the face muscles.
If on leave from work, she sleeps every afternoon, for an hour. She drink lots of water too.

Her yearly complete medical check up shows or as per reports, she in very good, healthy form.
She never gone on diet.

Try eating more vegetables and tau fu (makes good skin complexion too) and Chinese Green tea. Avoid too much pork or oily foods. When my wife does cook pork, she will take away the oily parts.Incidentally, I put on weight. When I first arrived here 21 years ago I was 145 pounds.

Today I weigh 196 pounds, ha ha, but ahemmm, not fat, as evenly spread out my 6'1" height.

You have a great week, best regards....Lee.