Thursday, November 20, 2008

Organic Noodles

My mom cooks only on weekdays. Weekends are "off" days for her since dad passed away many many years ago. And on Fridays, its usually something simple at home, say a chinese fried rice or fried noodles usually. Could be just wanton soup with vegetables as well .. I like that a lot.

I had two packs of organic noodles which I bought from Justlife a few weeks back. Suggested to mom to cook them to make fried meehoon. We never tried them before and was not sure what to expect. But hey, I think it taste pretty good. They cost Rm7.90 a pack and it is even smaller pack than the ones you would usually buy for less than half the price. So yes, organic food is generally pretty expensive in Malaysia.

I would buy it someday again cos I think they taste pretty good *smile*.


Josephine said...

Not only pretty expensive, but very very expensive.

Low class ppl like me cannot afford to have organic food. hahaha

Jesslyn said...

Organic stuff never cheap....