Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Waiting Game

Every evening, hubby and I play the waiting game. Curious to know what I mean? This is no fun. Its serious stuff!

What I mean is either I have to wait for hubby to finish work or hubby has to wait for me at my office building lobby till I finish work.

You see, my boss is kinda special. He loves to talk. He calls for meeting all the time when he is in town and he can talk for hours. The rest just listens. So we have to wait until he feels like going home, only then the meeting ends. It does not matter if its 7 or 8pm, even 9 or 10pm. He is a night owl, so he wakes up (I think) really late say 12 noon and then heads to the office only around 2 or 3pm. Then his day begins.

So poor hubby has to wait & wait for me until god (*boss*) knows when and then we head to mom's place to pick up little one before we head home.

On days when boss is not in town, I will go over to hubby's place via public transport (the light-railed train) and then wait for him to finish work instead. He does not "suffer" as much in his meetings so my wait is pretty short on those days.

But I pity poor hubby ... thanks hubby for being such a understanding kind soul to me.


vickylow said...

Oh poor thing, luckily your hubby willing to wait for you and complaint nothing.

Josephine said...

It is a 'hang fook' thing lor, u wait for him, he waits for u.

Unlike my case, my dear starts work at 11am, finish around 12am. Me? normal OL (9am t0 6pm). I will never get a chance for him to wait for me. Further more, I am now in SG, he is in Msia. How to wait leh?

olive oly said...

oh, how in the world can u find such a good man now? u're so lucky

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh dear...poor you. i guess everyone in the office is afraid of seeing the boss. so what does your hub do when he has to wait till 10pm?

VG said...

You have a gem there. Hang on to him. What an inconsiderate boss. Obviously he is either single or a MCP that expects his wife or amah to rear the kids!

BTW, pls collect your diwali card from my blog. Happy Diwali. Are you celebrating? or only CNY?

Kwagoo said...

oh your hubby is so sweet to be so patient. and you're so lucky! :D

i don't understand how some people can talk for such long periods of time, when essential matters can be spoken of and settled in a few minutes.