Friday, October 24, 2008

"Seven Facts About You" Meme

I have read so many blogs with so many memes that I finally got one myself! Thanks to VG of Household Capers who was kind enough to allow me to have my few minutes of fame to shame myself to the whole wide world - hahahaha! But i enjoy it!

The rules of the meme are:-

(a) List the rules on your blog
(b) Share 7 facts about you on your blog
(c) Tag 7 other people at the end of your blog.

Since I am totally new to blogging, I am sure none of you know me well, so here's the 7 facts of myself.

1. I hate to be late even when I know others will definately be late!
2. I dislike last minute change of plans for whatever reason!
3. I love long straight hair but of course if one loves long straight hair, they are normally born without it .. so ...
4. I normally only try to make the same mistake once. If I do the wrong thing more than once, I would feel terrible and angry at myself or I would abandon the whole project!
5. I have limited patience. I can repeat the same thing once or twice to you (similar to no 4) but if you still dont get it, I will just shut up and you can feel the shiver in your spine!
6. I dont like spending unnecessarily so I tend to be a bit stingy. That includes clothes and shoes. Hmmm .. I also realise I am a bit more stingy with myself as compared to others (eg I am willing to spend to buy hubby/family/friends a nice gift but would never buy the same for myself).
7. I don't use make-up at all. The only time I use some make-up is for a dinner or an formal event we need to attend.

And now I am having a headache as to who I shall tag cos I already tagged those on my blogroll with my two other awards .. sigh! New blogger and limited friends is no fun eh?


Josephine said...

Points 1, 3 and 6 are my facts too!

VG said...

We share points 1 to 5. Like you, I want straight hair. What am I blessed with? Thick unruly hair. Thank god for hair straighteners!

Very guilty when it comes to Points 6 and 7.