Saturday, October 11, 2008

Asian Food Channel

May I ask what is your favourite channel on TV?

Previously, I would only turn to the sports channels on Astro like 811 or 812 right up to 815 but for the past year, 703 is my favourite!

The Asian Food Channel is a pretty good source for all your cooking, baking and food needs. It consist of both local and foreign cooks with tonnes of recipes and tips for viewers.

My currant favourite is of course "Sugar", by pastry chef, Anna Olson. She makes baking look ridiculously easy and what I admire her most is that she hardly uses a mixer but instead uses just her magic hands. I really wish I had her talent.

I also enjoy watching Jamie Oliver's "The Naked Chef". He is such a character to watch, making cooking sumptuous food seem like as easy as ABC. Care to try his recipes some day?


2L2M.... said...

oh yes....AFC!!! And Sugar is my favorite!!!!!


Tried your hand in any of her recipes?