Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Darn Traffic!

I really feel like screwing someone in the government for not solving the darn traffic problem in the city!

Every darn morning, hubby and I have to spend 2 hrs on the road just to get to work! Of course we have to detour out of the way to drop off the little one at my mom's place .... but does 2 hours each way make any sense to any one of us?????

Maybe you would ask - why not take the train then? But hello! Obviously you have not been on one during peak hours! You might need to wait until the 5th train comes before you can step one foot in! And try the train during the evening peak hours - you might just faint from the mixed body odour from all those people in a sardine-packed train! Sound (*smell*) gross? That's life in the city!

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