Monday, August 4, 2008

Hurray! Hurray! Its a Holi Holiday!

Oh! Holidays! Oh! I almost forgot the real meaning of a holiday!

Before I got pregnant (which is 2 full yrs ago!), hubby & I frequently went on holidays both in & out of the country, be it a short break or a real vacation.

We enjoy all kinds of holidays. Beach. City. Shopping. Relaxing. Food. Tour guided ones or self exploring ones. Its just nice to just go somewhere (away from the office!) and spend time together exploring something you've never seen or tasted or somewhere you've never been to.

So, now, we have this little rascal with us this time, I really dont know where we shd be going or will it really end up being a holiday in the first place. But nevertheless, we decided to take a drive up north to Penang this coming Friday. Just to test the ground a bit (smile). Its a 4 hour drive each way wish us luck!

Why Penang? Well .. several reasons.

One, SIL lives in Ipoh (which is only 2 hours drive from KL) and if needed, it will be our emergency holiday destination should the rascal end up being really difficult to attend to in the car.

Two, we will put up at my friend, C's place, in Penang and this will make us feel much more comfortable compared to a hotel room. At least he has got space to run about while we put up our feet to rest.

Three, we've been there plenty of times, so I think we should stick to a familiar place since this is the first trip with little rascal. If anything, we know where to go and what to do, etc. etc.

Really looking forward to this trip.


2L2M.... said...

haiya....peneng again!!??? 31st August!!??? This is not holiday lorr...more like annual affair la...kekekek

Family First said...

hey you peneng lang, dont jealous wa khi peneng again lah ... hee hee. chiak liu lien, chiak kuay teow theng, chiak har mee, chiak seafood at teluk kumbar .. hee hee.

2L2M.... said...

chiak...chiak....chiak....there goes all the efforts!!!! chiack lagi lah! I dun need to jeles one la....later u see i chiak la...kekeke