Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheapest Kitchen Aid deal!

I have been eyeing a Kitchen Aid as a nice lil pressie for myself .. its kinda like a "house warming gift" from myself to myself ... hahaha. Love that idea. I mean excuse. So far, never found a real good deal. The best I ever found was at the Homedec 08 @ PWTC .. but prices were still a bit too steep for me.

Recently, while scounting for my hood & hob during this year end sale, I visited The Living Depot in Puchong and came across the Kitchen Aid. I have no intention at all to get one now but just enquired for the price for the sake of knowing. And guess what! They offered it to me at only RM2,200 compared to the exhibition price of RM2,488 just 3 months ago! The salesman told me that the normal retail price has now increased to RM2,788 but dont know how far its true.

If you wish to know, no, I did not buy it. Its not my top priority at the moment in terms of finance & budgeting. Who knows, I might really get one as a gift from friends at my real "house warming" party ... hint! hint!

Hmmm ... maybe I should post up a "wish list" in my blog huh .. maybe something like a wedding gift list ... hmm .. good idea.

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