Monday, May 28, 2012

Ti-Ratana Family Day @ Cheras

Found out about Ti-Ratana's Fun and Food Fair cum Family Day celebrations from an office colleague.    Since she knew I would be fairly familiar with Cheras, she asked me for directions which I gladly drew out a map for her .. and she rewarded me with RM50 worth of coupons!

As it was held on a Sunday and was only from 9am - 2pm, I gladly accepted the coupons as I thought it would be a nice outing with Bryan for an hour or so before he has to head off for arts and crafts class at 2pm.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived there was this cute horsie ride!  Oh boy!  Bryan was all excited and was running towards the horsie registration desk and kept hurrying his dad .. Daddy, faster pay, faster pay.   By then, our brat was already queueing up, waiting for this turn.

There were a good variety of stalls lining up the road leading to this centre.   Mostly were food stalls, some fresh vegetable stalls, clothings, toys, even mobile prepaid carts, ice-cream, drinks, cookies & cakes, etc. 

Another favourite of the brat was all the game carts!   The community centre's volunteers came up with simple yet fun games for kids of all ages.   Simple items like using bottle, bottle caps, ping pong balls, etc.

These simple games really got me interested in the sense that they are so easy to recreate them on your own, materials are cheap but they all provide heaps of fun!!   These are some good ideas on some games that you can organise at home during your kid's birthday parties, etc!   Rather than the usual clown, face painting ,etc.  I think this can be a hit at Bryan's next birthday party!!


prince n princess mum said...

nice n meaningful..

Small Kucing said...

he is very brave to dare ride pony. some kids will cry