Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School Holiday Cupcakes

Its school holidays which means its FUN TIME for the kids!     Outings to the local zoo, by-the-stream picnics or a day at the mall is part and parcel of how we normally spend the holidays with the kids.    Too bad I still have a full time job and Bryan needs to stay home all day.  Will have to wait till the weekend before we take him out for a day trip somewhere (yet to decide, uuh!!)

A friend of mine recommended another friend to try my cupcakes for a picnic party the school is planning on the last day of school before they break for the mid-year holidays.   No specific request but just cupcakes for both the boys & girls in kindy.

I had cars in mind for boys naturally and for the girls, I wanted to do some flower  and garden themed design ... but I had no idea how many girls or boys specifically they had, so I changed it to colorful sprinkles and stars instead, which can then suit either a boy or girl .. just in case all the cars are taken up!

The mommy who came to collect the cupcakes was very excited to see this.  She told me that her boy would jump when he sees this!  And she also told me that she is also personally very excited and really liked the designs I made for her.

Actually this is my first time really using fondant to shape freehand.   I think they turned out ok ... they do indeed look like mini cars mah ... hehehe.   Hope they had a fun time picnic-ing in the park!! 

More designs available at www.facebook.com/ConfectionsKL.


Small Kucing said...

eee...i love those with cars

Alice Law said...

Super adorable! My bpoy will love it!

Rose said...

Cuties! Well done.