Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gua Tempurung, Gopeng, Perak

Gua Tempurung - my vote for the most beautiful place to visit in Malaysia!!  Seriously!  I am so so glad my bro-in-law suggested we visit this place when we were there for a one-night stopover to Ipoh.   I am actually so ashamed that as a Malaysian for donkey years, I have never visited this place but spend so much money visiting other caves in Australia, etc.   This place is such a natural beauty - you really need to see it with your own eyes.

Below, my brat posing at the entrance.

I was not sure if it will be a difficult walk for the little one but my bro-in-law assured me that it will be fine.  There are good steel staircases for you all the way.  There are also some stop-rest-view areas where you can catch your breath.

Below is where the journey begins ....

I was not able to capture any good shots of the caves using my Iphone so I am sharing with you some pics I took from the internet.  Credit goes to the original photographer and sorry I didnt ask your permission first.   Its just too beautiful not to be shared.   And if you ask me - does it look as beautiful as in the photo - my answer is a loud YES, if not BETTER!!

We probably covered at least a few hundred steps.  Definitely more than what you see at Batu Caves (I swear!) but there are many stops along the way, so no worries.

We have no idea how far deep you can go but we stopped after about an hour.  There are guide which you can follow and listen to all the commentaries but with the little brat with us, we walked on our own and at our own pace.    At certain parts, the stairs were wet from water drippings but on most parts, it was easy but you will be still drenched in sweat albeit the natural "air-cond" inside the cave!!

You dont need any special shoes or anything although it would have been better.   We were in slippers.    Different rates for different activities in Gua Tempurung.  Our red sticker was for the "easy route"  There are more strenous longer routes and definately more challenging.

Do not miss this if you are in Ipoh.  I repeat, do not miss this.  Nature's beauty for only RM6.  What a waste that the Govt has not done anything to promote this place!


Cynful Pleasure said...

years back, there will be some 'tour' company do those 1-day trip which include the gua tempurung and a great meal.. I will want to join this kind of outing if I can find one again... all covered with very minimum price!

Family First said...

Yes Cynthia, they still do have these yat-yat-yau tours! My mom used to join them too!

Small Kucing said...

It's very cheap. salute u. I don't think I can manage the long walk. the walk to Fraser hill waterfall I already semput

Family First said...

SK, I didnt think I could do it as well (well, Im obese you see), but I did it and so did the little one. Indoor is definately easier than outdoor I guess ;)

reanaclaire said...

I have been there once.. must bring in touch light..some parts are very dark..

ChloeRuoyi said...

We drive past this cave so often but it has never occurred to us to stop for a visit. Hope we can do it on our next Ipoh trip. Thanks for sharing :)