Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Race Car Themed Party Packs

For Bryan's 5th bithday party at school, other than the race car themed cake I baked for him, I also prepared 15 sets of party packs for his classmates & teachers.

To start it off, I googled for some free clipart images and copied them into powerpoint (cos I dont know how to use publisher or similar).   From there, I design based on what I want and fit into the size that I want).   After several attempts, I was happy with what I have designed and proceeded to print them out into ordinary A4 paper.   Used paper glue to stick them onto the bags.  You can also use double-sided tape but you will need quite a bit.

The whole idea of party packs came after I realised I had a big bunch of paper bags I saved up from my frequent takeaway lunches from this sandwich place.  

With the bag planned, of course I have to fill it with something right?  So instead of party hats & toys, I decided to try my hand at preparing some customised mineral water bottles and also some food/snacks.

Needed food/snacks that could last a couple of days as I needed to prepare them over the weekend, so ended up with a box of snacks (candy, chocolate, sweets) and another healthier box of store bought mini cakelets which could last up to a week.  Perfect!

Seems like a lot of work, but really, I had quite a bit of fun doing.   All it takes was just cut & paste job.   Of course does not look as professional as those that actually supply/cater for high-class parties but I was very happy with how it all turned out.   Did a little each night and it worked out well.

Bryan was very very proud at school at the day of the celebrations.   His teacher was also very excited that each & every kid in his class had a chance to take home a bag of goodies of their own.   Am so glad the kids & teachers enjoyed it & appreciated it so much!!   Am sure I will make them again for his next birthday since next year will be the last year at this kindy :D


Cynthia said...

sometimes ah.. don't know if the kids' birthday or the mother's..we tend to get more excited than them preparing.. hehehe././

Adrine said...

Wow, that's very nice. Looks really pro! I esp like the personalised mineral water bit.

I was also doing my party packs last night. Packed,tied ribbon and glued till tired already!

Kristie said...

Very nicely done.

Family First said...

True Cynthia, parents more kancheong than the kids :D

Adrine, your turn now? Enjoy the process & have some fun!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

My dear, all the work you have done does look like professional job. They are done beutifully.

Bryan surely happy with it.

Family First said...

Thanks Joanne :D

ChloeRuoyi said...

Good job, mummy! The party packs look fabulous. Love the contents too. Thanks for the idea... I'm going to start saving those small, transparent fruit & veggies boxes too ;)

cleffairy said...

Birthdays were simpler back in our time. kids these days are just so lucky. My time, can eat KFC for birthday is more than good enough!

Oliveoylz said...

Such a lovely customised party supplies and theme too! Mummy's dedication and enthusiasm is A+. Bet he had the awesomest party ever!