Monday, April 16, 2012

Race Car Themed Cake

Months earlier, I have already asked Bryan what kinda cake he wants in terms of the theme.  One day it was Mickey (again!), then it was Supa Strikas and another it was Ben 10 (again!!) and on some days, it was race car or Transformers.   Make me headache only.     

Knowing my limited skills in cake decorating, I decided to psycho him to stick to race car theme, hehehe.     I was surfing the net for some ideas and then I realised that it was also pretty easy to make party packs with the same theme too.   So off I went started on this project a month before his birthday :D

I actually planned for 2 cakes.  One for the school (lots of icing) and another simpler one for the family (without icing preferably).    Below is the shot of both cakes.  

Rectangular choc moist cake covered in lemon flavoured buttericing with fondant "5" decorated with race flag toothpicks and other minor deco.

Oreo multi flavoured ice cream cake topped with fresh strawberries!  This one is actually pretty easy to "assemble" .. yes, me love assembling food.    Will do a post on how to assemble this soon okie?


Oliveoylz said...

Bryan is soooo lucky to have a mama who not only bakes but is a PRO at it too!

Family First said...

Thanks to you too, Pro IT Mom :D

BabyBooned said...

Happy belated bday bryan! Ooh pls pls pls share on how u assembled the icecream cake!

Alice Law said...

Both are beautiful!