Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Menu

Off I go tonight, to the supermarket to get my ingredients for my so-called X'Mas dinner! Why I said "so-called" is because i told a friend of mine what I'll be preparing and he said "huh ... so not chrismassy one?" But then, fren, I got lou-yan-kar at my dinner mah, so that's why lor.

Firstly, I made an order (way ahead!) for a honey-roasted turkey with chestnut stuffing! Rm198 for a 4-kg bird was not too bad you know. Then, I have some aglio olio spaghetti dished up warm *wink* to go with the big bird. Some side dishes .. say a fresh rainbow salad and a duck bruschetta and voila! Its a complete meal! And for my MIL's sake, I decided to ask a friend to get me some of that famous satay along the highway for that night. In case, she does not like the big bird. It's her first time, so .... And remember, dont go to any branch, just the "along the highway" branch.

But how can we not have any dessert? So I am thinking of whipping up a ribena cheesecake. Yes! Ribena cheesecake! Never tried before leh. I'll show you some pics next week ok? And how about a warm brownie too? I bought bags of almonds and walnuts over the weekend, so I may bake them by tomorrow evening, if not on Friday morning itself.

For yum seng, we will have some wine. And a bottle of coffee liquor all the way from my Langkawi trip. And of course for the kids and non-mabuk kaki, will get them some lychee fizzy to cool their throat after a heavy meal!

How bout that! Sounds good?? Sure sounds good but not sure how the dishes are going to actually turn out. Wish me luck please. Loads of em!


LittleLamb said...

very fong foo la... so nice to hv a xmas dinner tog with the family. i wish u all the best. it will definitely turn out great :)

Merry Xmas to u & family

ps: any leftover, let me know. I zoom to ur place

Rose said...

Merry Xmas!!

vickylow said...

Ribena cheesecake...sound interesting. Yeah I like lychee fizzy. Happy preparing and good luck.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you and your family.

ChloeRuoyi said...

I like your menu... makes me hungry and full at the same time haha. Merry Christmas!

Anggie's Journal said...

hi ... so long i never drop by here... how r u and the boy ? last Merry X"mas to u and ur family :P