Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm up for one now!

The blogging world is so magical! I never knew that there is just so much to learn and share with other fellow bloggers. Especially mommy bloggers like us! I have to admit that, before I started blogging, I knew very little on what's out there. Whenever, I needed anything, I would just head out for Metro or Jusco (cos I used to work within Mid Valley mah). But now, being online with other bloggers has opened up so much of the world to me!

  • I never bought anything online prior to blogging!
  • I even never believed that those things that were up for sale online would actually be sent to me after paying for it!
  • Of course, i also never knew about Paypal before! (laugh at me lah)
  • I never knew there were so many friendships to be made
  • And so many goodies to be shared!

I am one, who would never spend more than necessary. Even on my own wedding photos! You know how they sell wedding-photography packages right? The give you the bare minimum and then try to entice you to add on more & more photos to your wedding album? Well, I was one of the sceptical ones. I took the 16-page minimum package and the studio owner was shocked! He said I was the rare few who wanted just the "basic" photos whilst most brides would want the max! To me, they are only nice the first few weeks. After that, its mostly hidden in the cupboard.

I only started blogging over a year ago. And along in the blogging world, I was exposed to many online stores and I loved the way it made blogging mommies who are home full time taking care of their loved ones, make their living worth so much more! Then I started buying online clothing for Bryan. Some were good and some were not. But that's life I guess.

One thing that I have not tried at all and have been sceptical about spending a few hundred ringgit, is those model-like photography shots! I have seen so many mommies have these photos taken while pregnancy, newborn shots, family shots, etc and after seeing so many, I wonder if I would loose out on the lovely moments not being captured ...... will I, will I???

I borrowed this pics from TwoPixels website and I think I am in love with this. Actually it made me regret that I didnt take some good pics of Bryan when he was born.

He was such a difficult baby and he still is a difficult toddler, and honestly, I dont have any mood for all this. Maybe I should just leave this to the professionals?? Good idea?

But I am still not willing to spend so much leh .. especially for the first time? Is it really worth it? I am not convinced! But I can try my luck! Luck is free one mah right? Call me al-cheapo or call me kiasu, whatever. No harm trying right? So wish me luck! Who knows, I may fall head-over-heels with such photography leh and will have many many more sessions leh *wink*. So, hope I am one f the 3 lucky bloggers to win a free photography package! It would make a perfect New Year's gift for us!!!!!


karenyiau said...

Hey Joanna, Merry Christmas to you and your family, wish you good luck in winning also. :D

mun said...

You are so right about the wedding albums. I dunno what to do with mine now - eating up all the space in the cupboard.

Good luck! Hope you win a photo session from TwoPixels.