Monday, November 3, 2008

Kindermuzik @ Selangor Inst of Music

We went for another trial class for Bryan and this time we visited SIM at SS2, PJ. Decided to try on this one cos their trial class is free :-)

Being a Saturday, they only had 2 session for his age group. We choose the one at 10.25am cos at least I know at that time he will be wide awake. The 2nd session at 12.15 noon was probably not suitable as he normally naps about 1pm or so.

Oh my! That place was crowded for a Saturday! There were children running about EVERYWHERE on the first floor where the classes were held. Parents and maids were EVERYWHERE too!

The class itself was not too different from Musikhaus but there were about 10 kids in the class. There were definitely more daddy-child combi compared to mommy-child combination - hahahaa.

Nowadays, daddys seems to play a very active role in their children's upbringing which is really good eh. Those days, when I was young, my daddy never played with me at all .. only my mom! We were just too afraid of daddy cos he was the stern one at home. Right?

Classes at SIM are pretty expensive. It cost RM620 for 15 sessions + RM200 for materials (like books & CDs for home use). So that works up to RM54.60 per 45 minutes! I dont even make that much! And sorry, no pics were allowed as well.

Honestly, I prefer the environment and teachings at Musikhaus. The fee is pretty reasonable too. Their 5pm class works perfect for me cos after that, we can head to Ikano or Ikea for some shopping & then dinner. However, its quite a drive from my place to Mutiara Damansara. Sigh. The first of many difficult decisions to make.


vickylow said...

Oh 10 kids in class quite a huge one. It's hard to do activities too while kids need to wait longer for their turn.

Josephine said...

'Women and Babies money are easy to earn'. hahhaha!

But I m sure as a parent, u will give the best to ur kid.

Anonymous said...

actually hor, just play some dvds n music to him at home and sing along with him oso can need such classes one la..

My Lovely 'A' said...

I hv a tag for u :

LZmommy said...

Thanks for dropping by my kids' blog :)

Nowadays, daddies do play an active role. For S'pore, even the government is encouraging that.

Sasha said...

or u can try yamaha music sch in centrepoint? but since u said its quite a drive from yr place to ikano..maybe it 'll be far for u too.

Leeyen said...

I have been SIM before, i thought i had come to a clinic when i stepped my foot there! Too many children and too many parents! scary! nowadays parents can be so KIASU :) having said this..erhm i decide to send my son to Yamaha Musik and Musikgarten at the same time (next yr)! Ha!