Monday, November 3, 2008

Football Season is Here!

Oh no! Its going to get crazy again at home! Cos dear hubby just told me that Carlsberg has just launched its online Carlsberg web tv!!!! Hubby told me that from tonight onwards, he would like to seek some "private time" for his favourite game, football :-(

You know, these days with web tv, it just gets easier and easier to enjoy all your favourite movies or games over the net. is the latest launch and since Carlsberg is hosting this web tv game, I'm sure its going to be a big hit among its crazy football followers. Moreover, there are 5 channels!

Since lil monster was born, both hubby & I hardly have our own "private time" to do things we love to do. He loves watching tv and spending time in front of his laptop whereas I love going for my full body & foot massage and watch "Sugar".

So since this is a "special" request from hubby, I think I should grant him his wish ..... so hubby, next week your turn to take care of lil monster while I go for my massage okay?

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