Thursday, October 30, 2008


Since it was a long weekend, I decided to enrol lil rascal for a trial class at Musikhaus (formerly known as Kidz Talent Lodge at Ikano Power Centre) at Bandar Utama.

This is his first time at any class or gathering with kids of any sort, so I was initally afraid he would be a big bully to the rest! Cos as you know, I dont call him a lil monster for nothing right?

We were a few minutes early and once he saw all those playhouses in the garden, our dear friend straight away headed for it! I, of course, expected him to do that .. knowing he's afraid of nothing!

Enjoying the slide while trying to show off his (unhairy) chest!

His very first time stepping into a "class" and there were 5 other toddlers in that session. We registered him into a "Bubble" class which belongs to toddlers from the age 18 months right up to 2.5 yrs. He was the youngest one there at 18 months :-) There are also classes for 0-18 months (so dont think I am kiasu okay .. those in his classes have already been attending for 3 months :-)

Before the class started, he was just to eager to play with his all-time favourite toy, balls! So teacher had to bring down the balls for him to play.

So teacher started off the class with balls lor ... which he loved! And as usual .. cannot sit still .. daddy trying hard to keep him in place .. hehe.

Tried to spin the ball away as per teacher's instructions.

There was also singing and music time, swinging and dancing, story time as well as "picnic" time where the little ones get to choose what food they love and then teacher will sing & explain a little on the food they choose .. hmm .. yummy.

And my "tai kor" below taking over the picnic mat!

Basically, the class involves listening to instructions, responding, interacting with others while having fun. I think it was a good class.

For a trial class, it cost RM35. One term of 10 classes costs RM300 and each class lasts 45 minutes. The have programs catered up to 7 yrs old and if you are keen, you may visit their website at


vickylow said...

He had a great time there. Don't think it's kiasu to send our kids to class this early. In fact I regret I delay to send my gal to Musikgarten. She took some time to settle down and learn about class manner haha.

agnes said...

he definitely enjoy himself there!! ;)

btw, u got an award!!! pls come collect it ya..

Lian said...

I used to send the kids for kindermusik at SIM but then the prices got raised and it got too expensive for me. It's a great class. I benefit too coz' I got to learn how to teach the kids. Now my goal is to teach them some basic piano. Lucky I have a little music background.

VG said... cute. It looked as if he enjoyed himself. BTW, who was more tired after the session? Your son or husband? LOL

Josephine said...

He looks very happy in the class.

Shern's mom said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. Your little rascal is such a cutie. It's good to start young, don't worry you're not kiasu :)

peimun said...

He seems enjoy the class very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Bergaya lor your Desa Aman 'tai kor'...kekeke

Nice blog..

Your next road neighbour,
Wendy ;)

3lilangels said...

Your kiddo looked like he's having lots of fun.

My kids are attending the classes in Musikhaus too, and are enjoying it thoroughly.