Friday, September 5, 2008

Star Wars Lego

The other day, I got a pre-warning from my brother-in-law. We were sharing notes on my little rascal, telling him how difficult it is to manage his little guy and all, and my BIL warned me ... wait till he knows how to ask to buy toys!

Oh gosh! Yeah man ... I'm sure he will kick up a fuss when he sees what he wants and cannot get it!

Kids these days are very lucky. They get to enjoy a lot more than what we did. After all, we did enjoy much more than our parents, didnt we?

I was shopping online for some educational toys and was scouting around for some Lego toys and cant help it but to realise there is so much interest in Star Wars Lego. After all, little rascal's daddy is also a Star Wars fan!

I wonder how much these would cost at our local stores.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh the trick is not to take the little one to the toy store too many times...heheehe. sometimes we would tell ashley that the store is closed :D we are bad eh? sometimes when ashley kicks up a fuss, i'll ignore her and let her cry :)


Its true, we need to tell some white lies once in a while I guess. Yeah, me too, I try to ignore him too if he kicks up a fuss for nothing.