Saturday, September 6, 2008

Type 2 Diabetes

The reason for particularly highlighting Type 2 diabetes is because both my mom & mother-in-law suffers from this.

Generally there are 2 types of diabetes, Type 1 & 2, and what it basically means is that those who suffer from Type 1 are insulin-dependent while Type 2 is non-insulin dependent. There is a whole lot of detailed explanation which you can find here should you wish to know more about it.

This will be a pre-warning to all of us at home as we sure do not want to suffer from it as well.

As a start, we will have to consume less refined sugar products such as store bought cakes, cookies or even rice or noodles which is our staple food. It may be difficult to eliminate this all together but we have definately reduced the amount we consume daily. We have also increased our vegetable & fruits consumption. Although fruits are good for you, try to avoid those with high sugar contents such as grapes and strawberries. On a daily basis, enjoy a piece of papaya, banana, or an apple or pear. I love pineapples but I try not to have it daily though.

Other minor little modifications in our lifestyle include reduced sugar in our coffee or even sometimes, no sugar at all. Reduce the number of cups of beverage from 3 to 1 a day. Whenever possible (which is almost impossible now) is to fit in some exercise. Walking in the mall is our dose of this! Well, at least we are walking instead of sitting down at home, right?

We cant really avoid processed food altogether and we cannot afford organic food all the time, so we have no choice but to live with what we are today and just try making minor changes where we possibly can. And oh ya, dont forget to stay happy & smile always!


Wonderful Life said...

Strawberries? Sweet? Not sour ah?

I thought banana has more sugar content. No ah?

Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by, I actually have Diabetes, Type 2, yep you really don't want to develop it, good plan!