Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pre-school Online Kids Games

I was just discussing with hubby the other day on the topic of computer usage for toddlers/kids. I was telling him how some parents just turn on the computer for their little ones and let them click on interactive games by themselves for as long as they sit there quietly.

I sure understand the fact that to keep them occupied for a longer time, you get to complete some house chores, etc but on the other hand, unsupervised usage of the computer by the toddlers will not benefit them either.

For our little one, although we have not started him on this, we will definately make time to sit with him so that we can read out the words and explain to him what is happening on the screen in order for him to understand it better.

There are quite a number of online pre-school kids games available, be it for fun or educational. I am thinking of starting him with this site by Fisher-Price.

If any one out there has got similar sites or better ones, please do share it with me. We intend to teach him in 2 languages - English & Mandarin.

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