Thursday, August 7, 2008

Packing for the trip

This is the first time we are travelling with little rascal.

And its a road trip, so I have to make a plan on what to bring & pack along, so that I wont miss out on any essentials while we're there.

Here's my to-pack list off my mind :-
  • comfortable clothings (for the hot weather)
  • comfy shoes
  • lots of disposable diapers
  • milk powder, milk bottle, hot water flask & drinking water
  • wet tissues
  • swim suit & arm float
  • towel
  • sun-block lotion
  • finger food to keep him busy in the car
  • small toys & little books to occupy his time while travelling
  • small slow cooker - to prepare his porridge (not in the car lah!)

Really not sure if i should bring his stroller cos this rascal will NEVER get in there!

I really dont understand why my little one never liked getting into the car seat or the stroller since he was born! Even now, he even does not like getting into those supermarket trolleys which other kids just love!

Strange boy I have ... think he just hates the idea of being confined in one place I guess.

Did I forget any other essentials?

Maybe LCOM could be of some help since she's got the experience eh? Read all about her eventful trip back home to Malaysia during the recent summer.


babe_kl said...

hi thanks for coming by my blog. even you're a new blogger, by all means try and join the Merdeka Open House fun. am sure you can just cook a simple noodle dish even though your hands are full. please please pretty please??? hehehe

anyway, with regards of strapping yr kid in car seat (very important for safety reason!!!) or pram... one must be persistent. if he refuses or cry, just ignore and do not get weakened by the cries. then explain that the car can't move unless everyone is strapped up. we practiced this and now my 6 YO boiboi will ask everyone to strap up once we get into the car.

i have some articles on this, will dig them out and send them to you

babe_kl said...

since i cant find your email, i'll post up the links here

hope these helps


Gee thanks Babe KL!

Since you've been such a nice babe, I promise to join the Merdeka Open House! See ya there!

karenyiau said...

Hi Joanna, such a nice blog you have here. :)

Yeah it's a different experience to travel with a lil' one but trust me, there's a lot of fun too. :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha, pretty eventful right? I lost one week of visiting and makaning to stay indoor with my sick kids. I brought along an umbrella stroller because I don't like to carry my daughter. Besides that we were walking around pretty often and I really didn't want the extra 23 pounds on me. :P Oh yeah, it's a great idea to bring along some baby Tylenol for fever just in case. I forgot to bring that and have to visit the clinic pretty often and it's not cheap anymore. $70-$80 each visit leh!


Ya lor LCOM, my little one kena rashes in Penang and cost us RM50 for a clinic visit too. Sometimes the unpredictable happens for no apparant reason, but that is part & parcel of parenthood I guess :-)