Friday, August 8, 2008

Penang - Part 1

We left KL early in the morning and arrived Prai at about 1pm. Just in time for our lunch date with C, my long time buddy.

Lunch was at Chai Leng Park. We had a secret mission to meet a secret someone here ... ahem ... and lunch personally prepared & served by him (*smile, wink, smile*). We had seafood noodles and it was quite good.

Then it was time to "check in" into Nangka Resort! Haa! Haa! Never heard of this place leh ... well, even money cannot guarantee you a booking here okay ....its a special "resort" for priviledged friends like me. Hee .. Hee...

Little one was dead tired and needed a nap, so we took some rest, showered and in the evening headed off across the bridge for our next date (*wink eye*).

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