Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Food Filled Week - Part 3

Ha! Ha! Ha! Never-ending makan sessions ... until they are on the plane!

My eldest BIL suggested we have another farewell treat for breakfast since their flight is not until evening that day. So we headed off to a dim sum place in Seri Petaling. The place is an open air concept and pretty hot if you go late in the morning.

Its specialty is its chinese buns (pau). One of it is chinese bun combined with loh mai kai (steamed glutinous rice chicken) and another of its specialty is chinese buns with custard. Hmm ... not too bad, something different from other dim sum outlets. The rest of the dimsum offered are pretty norm.

I did not get to enjoy dining cos my little one just fell asleep in the car while on the way here ... so I had to carry him sleeping off my shoulder the entire time.

On top of that, my office people had to call and ask me to go back to office to sort out some matters - hey no way man! It's a Saturday! Go buzz off!


Big Boys Oven said...

wow! great to see you having a great time makan-makan! :)


oh so honoured you dropped by my blog. im just waiting for the one fine day to arrive so that i can enrol for your classes! I am a silent reader of your blog lah.

Me new to blogging & new to baking too. Love your recipes.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

Man, all the great food within reach, me jealous lah!

SIG said...

At first glance, I thought they were meringues. They sure do resemble them.


Hi LCOM, thanks for the warm welcome. Im kinda inspired by you, Florence, Aunty Yochana, Gertrude, BBO, and so many more of you ... love all your stuff man!

Teach me a thing or two ya, in blogging ...

Dear Sig,
You are referring to the white buns? They are pretty huge in size about 6inches in diameters. Meringues are that big too? Sorry never tasted a meringue before. Its make of egg whites right like pavlova (not sure if I spelt it right)? Thanks for dropping by.

Look out for my food trip to Penang this weekend!

Josephine said...

I think we went to the same shop.
The plates looked the same.