Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Food Filled Week - Part 2

Time flies. BIL & SIL have since taken the flight home after more than a week in KL.

They were here to attend MIL's birthday and to also take the opportunity to visit some relatives and relax a bit. They were in Ipoh for 2 days enjoying the "ngah choy kai" (taugeh chicken) and some sight-seeing while visiting another SIL who lives there.

Before they left, its only proper we buy them a nice farewell dinner and thus, we headed to LaLa Chong at old airport road in Subang.

Some of the food we enjoy most when we are here are the "tau fu kang" which is what I call a "pirated" version of the shark's fin soup. There is no shark's fin in there cos its make of tofu & eggs but it taste superb!

Next is the chilly crab which is best enjoyed with fried "mantou" bread. Dip the bread into the gravy and its just heavenly ... !!!

We also ordered Miso Mackarel cos BIL does not consume fresh water fish .. sigh, what a waste. This miso styled fish was so so only.

One of my personal favourites is the mantis prawns prepared "kum heong" style ... very high in cholestrol but what the heck .. dont get to enjoy this everyday! Sorry the pics does not look too appetizing cos I wacked it first before taking pics lah - hahahahaa!

And last but not least, how can we come to LaLa Chong and not order its lala right? Hee hee .... dont miss their home version of the very fresh & large lala steamed with chinese wine ... divine :-)

And hey! Its dinner! So its ok for me to indulge in something sinful since I've been a really good girl at breakfast & lunch for 5 whole days (smile,wink, smile).

And guess who else thinks this place is good .... ??

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