Monday, August 18, 2008


Oh Barney! How boring would the world be without you! Hee Hee.

I am sure most of us would recognise him without a doubt. I guess he is currently the world's most famous cartoon character to all the childrens of the world! Err .. maybe after Mickey Mouse ????

Bryan's first encounter with Barney was when his Yee Yee (his aunt, my younger sis) bought him a set of Barney pillow & bolster. Bryan was only a month young then. He was too young to enjoy them but now, he will never let you take & play with his Barney pillow & bolster! I love to playfully cuddle and pretend to "sayang" them and he would then come running to me, pulling it away from me, then hug them himself.

He also has a Barney soft toy which we bought from Toys R Us. This soft toy is kinda special. It can tell stories related to the specific page you flip to. But the specific one that we bought was extra special! He never stops telling the stories! Must be some malfunction somewhere! And no, we cant open to remove the batteries. So we normally stuff him up in my closet when Bryan doesn't play with him. Surprisingly he is still telling stories after so many months - battery very lasting man!

We decided on a 3D Barney cake for Bryan too when he turned 1. We all loved it! It was super-cute! Don't you agree?

Bryan started watching the Barney DVD series when he turned 1 as well. This seems to be his current favourite. He used to want to press the "eject" & "play" buttons on the DVD everytime his grandma plays it for him, but now, he would run to the sofa and quickly climb up and sit there waiting for it to start!

Kids - they really grow fast - although they can be a pain in the @*& at times (*wide smile*).


Sasha said...

Hi! Welcome to the blogging world! And yes the cake looks nice!


Oh thanks Sasha! You're super quick!

papajoneh said...

Hi there?
Thanks for inviting me to your blog. For info, I'm a Papa to 3 boys.. a 4 yrs old and a twins!

Barney... oh yes.. every kid loves them for sure :)

PapaJoneh Little Knowledge Site!

Lian said...

Yes, welcome to the world of cyber friends. Really does make your days less lonely :)
I think with my children, only my oldest really got into the Barney craze. My youngest son (19 mths old) has no interest in watching tv. I guess that's a good thing. Instead he loves the nursery rhymes and other children's song we download from So instead of watching the tv, he watches the computer screen. Hahaha.

kiasumum said...

hi hi..... welcome to this wonderful world of blogging!!

mumsgather said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Cheers!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hi..thanks for your email. yeah..welcome to the world of blogging. it is really addictive ;) hope you'll like blogging :D your little one is so cute and handsome :D