Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Merdeka Open House 2008

How could I have promised her! Silly me! Crazy! Siow meh! Gosh, I have no choice but to now cook something!

Dont get me wrong, I love cooking & baking - but the thing is I'm just starting out with simple cakes, muffins & brownies - nothing fancy. But Babe_KL has been such a kind blogger and I promised her I will participate in this fun virtual party!

I decided on my mother's version of Mee Siam. Err .. mee siam is malaysian or not - heee??? But nevermind, I dont recall eating mee siam outside of Malaysia, so here is my simple recipe:-

Mee Siam
1 pack of meehoon (abt 400gm) - soak & drain well - set aside.
some shallots, garlic, chillies & lemon grass - blended together to form a paste
dried prawns (blended separately)
Cooking oil for frying paste
Salt to taste
Some vegetables (shredded) - I used cabbage & carrots

  • Heat up wok with some cooking oil.
  • Place blended paste & dried prawns into oil & stir fry till you almost faint from the fabulous aroma filling up the air in your kitchen!
  • Add salt to taste.

  • When ready, add in meehoon & stir fry to coat noodles strands with the paste.
  • Add some filtered water to soften meehoon while stir-frying.
  • Once nicely coated, add in vegetables & stir well together.
  • If needed, a few drops of soy sauce at this juncture.
  • Once noodles are cooked, remove & serve.

I like my vege slightly raw & crunchy, so I normally just do a quick stir about 3 mins and its done.

This is the most simple noodle dish we normally cook at home. The best part is it can be served for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea - anytime you wish to enjoy it!

For my entry, I served it on a banana leaf and enjoyed it with a pair of chopsticks in the spirit of Merdeka! I love mine with some local mutton curry as a side dish.

Pardon me for the bad pictures as I snapped them during late evening and the lighting was bad + I had zero knowledge on all this photography thing - but hey - at least I tried & kept to my promise huh?


laundryamah said...

hi thanks for inviting me to your blog & welcome to blogging! it's fun and we do make a lot of new friends!

so keep em posts coming!

suesue said...

Wah, the mee siam looks nice leh. Must try one day. Thanks for sending an email to me and would love to exchange link with you.

iska said...

I've always been a meehon lover. Your mee siam looks yummy :-)

babe_kl said...

hi there, i'm afraid i did not receive any email from you about your entry. don't worry, i will update this up. thanks for participating.

serving mee siam on banana leaf is a brilliant idea cos it will impart a nice fragrant to the noodle.