Sunday, August 17, 2008

Penang - Final

It has been quite a tiring trip to Penang. And its a totally different experience travelling with a toddler as compared to the nice, comfy, romantic 2-person drives we use to experience.

The journey in the car was not as bad as I thot it would be. However, all the small-bytes and little books and new toys that I bought for him to keep him busy in the car were just enough to keep him occupied for a mere 2 minutes per new toy! Sigh ...

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but my toddler is one of those "energizer" kids - moving non-stop 24-7 (even when sleeping!). So we never really had a chance to sit down & enjoy any of the food. We had to take turns to bring him out to walk here & there while the others dined. Hubby dines first, then pass him to hubby so that I can eat, then my mom will take over from hubby so that hubby can continue ... something like that lah .... Well, even the best penang prawn mee or char kuay teow just tasted as bland as the KL ones ... sigh again.

If he is not running about, he is then sleeping over my shoulder. We have to then carry him to wherever we plan to go. Sigh the 3rd time.

Little rascal also developed some heat rashes or insect bites, dunno which, and he had big & little red spots all over his face! We took him to the doc to check him out and some medication to ease the redness & itch. It becomes worse if he is under the sun or sometimes in the (hot) car. I guess the heat makes it more unbearable for him. Is it me or is it me? I feel Penang is much much hotter than KL!!

We reached home late afternoon on Sunday. The moment we got home, we showered him and changed him to some real comfy clothes and he was so well behaved after that. We played some Barney & Baby Einstein dvds for him and he just sat on the cushion enjoying them silently, with occasional smiles & even laughters. I guess he misses home after all.

Will I soon plan for another holiday with him?

Well ... they grow up everyday and now at 16 months, I can see him picking up new skills more often. He is now able to interact with us as he is not a baby anymore. He can tell me if he wants something (through action) and shake his head from left to right if he does not want it. He can also say a few simple words. So I guess he is growing well ...

Sorry for not posting up more Penang food reviews. I initally really planned to but it was just too hot, tiring and a hassle for us as this was our maiden trip with little rascal. Maybe next trip okie?

Having had this first experience, I guess I will be better prepared for my future trips (at least mentally!). We know now what to really expect and so, I guess, in future, it will only get easier (*smile*).


Lian said...

I used to pack little plastic masak-masak plates, bowl, spoon when I go out to eat. So the little one can enjoy playing while I enjoy eating. Giving them a straw to play with is another of my tactic.


Hi Lian - thanks for dropping by. Maybe I shd post a blog about my son's weird obsession - he likes to throw thing! Anything! All things! That's why sometimes I dont give him anything! He throws them! Sigh ...