Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shall I give it a try?

There are all kinds of supplements in the market these days. I, for one, is not a believer of any kind of supplements ... cos i just dont like to swallow them. Even if they taste good.

Hubby suggested I should seriously consider doing something about my current physical condition. I mean take some supplements or take something healthy to help me and keep me going strong. Ya, I know but what?

Hubby told me about his colleague who has got severe medical conditions like asthma and high cholestrol. She has been "sick" for quite a number of years until she started taking this particular supplement. I can't recall exactly but I think she has been on it for 6 mths or so now. Guess what? She feels fantastic! She's healthy and good and she even stopped her medication! Wow ... really? Hmm ... I feel a bit suspicious now. What is it? Another MLM product? Well ... but I still need to do something for myself. Right now!

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