Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Beginning ...

I really need to find a good reason to start this blog .. I mean why start one when you dont have something solid to share right?

Well, yeah, life is good. I love my hubby. He's a great guy. We both love our little one like crazy. Yeah he can be quite a handful but we still love him dearly. He means the world to us, really.

So what the problem you ask. I really dont know actually. You see, life changed 180 degrees for me when our little one came along. We planned for everything prior to him arriving but it kinda takes a toll on me.

I am fine actually. Emotionally. I dont really feel terrible but sometimes I feel the stress physically. I feel tired. Exhausted. No energy even to walk in the mall sometimes. 30 mins in Mid Valley Megamall is enough to send me home with a pair of aching feet for 2 days! Seriously! And the hair losses, excessive weight gain, aching back, body aches all over ... I just feel different physically. I feel old.

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