Monday, June 25, 2012

The Heritage Village, Seri Kembangan

We took a short walk around Heritage Village after we were done at Critterland.   The place generally looks not too well maintained.   This property is built facing a lake called Blu Water (I believe it used to be a mining lake) and is said to be maintained by the same property management team as the Palace of Golden Horses (Mr Google said so, not me).

Nothing much to be fancied but being a waterfront property, I must say it was a nice stroll around the area.     Sharing with you some photos we took there.   

They had stone statues of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac sign, so naturally Bryan had to pose with this huge oink!    If it was not for the hot weather, we would have spent more time strolling around but its just too hot as we were there right smack in the afternoon!


Vickylow said...

Very special and nice landscaping for this property.

Small Kucing said...

oppss...havent been there very long already