Monday, June 18, 2012

Critterland & Paper Wrapped Chicken @ Seri Kembangan

We really dont know what to do or where to go during the recent school holidays.  As we are also planning for a trip to Singapore again during Raya and Port Dickson and Melaka during the long weekend of National Day, we decided not to take leave this round.

If we dont take leave, means we are only able to take the brat out on Saturday.  Sunday is rest day - cannot compromise .. hahaha.    Some more have to do housework.    So we ended up in Critterland located at Heritage Village, which was across the road from The Mines Shopping Centre.

I chose this place cos I heard there are hardly any crowd (meaning not very well maintained ... hahaha).   I also chose this because parents need not pay to enter to accompany their kids.    Living in KL is so expensive, not only have to pay to let our kids play, parents also have to pay to take care of their kids!!!  Hmmph!!!

Didnt have any expectations at all once I saw the condition of the building.  It seems like a service apartment with some 'water-front" dining which were all closed and generally not that well maintained.  Critterland was located on the first floor.

Was glad to let him run & jump for a whole 2 hrs before we decided to head out for lunch.      As we were just driving out of Heritage Village, we noticed a corner shop, tables filled with customers.   Without hesitating, we decided to have lunch there.  

Oh boy!  They indeed serve very very good chi pau kai (paper wrapped chicken)!   Loved it.  Even Bryan wanted second helpings!     You can read about Restoran Leng Ya Indah here.    Its really quite good.     One piece cost RM3.80.   Apparently they have been in operatations for quite a long number of years.   The yong tau foo is not too bad either.   Will definitely be back since its not that far from my place.

And oh ya, dont forget to try this too - pineapple juice with assam boi!   Naturally sweet (no added sugar, they say) - very nice too.   As you can see, Bryan simply could not wait .. hahaha.


Cynful Pleasure said...

is the 'paper wrapped chicken' at the yong tau fu shop ah? at the corner near a mamak shop.. if that's the one, then YES, the chicken is really good..

Small Kucing said...

been there a few times

Family First said...

Yes Cynthia, thats the one :D

LittleLamb said...

if u drive further down the road, u can see many Leong Ah shop cos it was family own biz n then argue.

Vickylow said...

I rarely go to The Mines. Ya those indoor playground are wonderful place to leave our kid while we can do some shopping peacefully.

Oliveoylz said...

Pineapple juice with assam boi! I want!!!

allthingspurple said...

Yup, this is one place I am definitely going to visit, for the chi pau kai!!! Thanks for sharing!!