Monday, May 7, 2012

Pandan Coconut @ Lorong Abu Siti, Penang

Usually people hunt for char kuay teow or assam laksa when in Penang but my all time favourite is the pandan coconut!   I really dont know if the coconuts are locally grown or from else where, but they do have a very flavourful and aromatic taste, not  like those you find in KL, which I think are from Thailand.

Used to be managed by an old uncle from India.  He is still there but have passed on his skills to the younger generation.  You shd see for yourself how they skillfully cut open the tip of the coconut .. ngam ngam at the right deepness where you can see the silky smooth coconut meat inside .. damn shiok ah!

You can drink them fresh from there or can also tapau for you into plastic bags.  If you wanna tapau with the coconut itself, they can cut off the top for you and their skills, oh my god, cut until ngam ngam one.   You go back & give it a light poke with your knife and the top is opened for you to enjoy fresh at home.   Hmm .. sedap!

Do check them out at the end of Lorong Abu Siti lane, off Macalister road.   Macalister Road is a one way street.  Right after you see Sunway Hotel on your left, do keep right.   Its one of the lanes on your right.  


Health Freak Mommy said...

Oh that's my all time favourite and it's very healthy! Must check this place out! Macalister Street!

Adrine said...

Gonna check this out the next time I go to Penang! :)

Merryn said...

On hot days like this, coconut is SHIOK max!!!

Kristie said...

yumz... we love coconuts too.

mNhL said...

Wow....the workers must have chop thousands of coconut per day. That's why their skill are so perfect!