Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cheap Dim Sum @ Anson Road, Penang

Breakfast in Penang.   What shall we have today?  Hmmm ....

I have never eaten this cheap a dim sum anywhere in Malaysia.  Not that I am well travelled or regularly cuti-cuti Malaysia but this really really cheap.  So next question, taste good or not?   For the price, I think its totally worth it.   Taste is not too bad but of course not as good as those fine dining dim sum places in KL lah.

This place is a huge open area with tent and had ceiling fans.  Nothing fancy.  Typical old time dim sum place but pretty huge.  At night, its a food court with many different stalls.    One thing that caught my mind was the management hires old folks, aunties & uncles to push the dim sum cart.   I think its good that the old folks still have a job lor, don't you think?

For 5 adults and one kid, the total price was only RM35 including a pot of chinese tea.  Eat until full full.

This dim sum place is right opposite KDU college and next to The One Academy.   The best part is ... it was a short walk from the condo we stayed at.   Perfect!

And oh ya, at One Academy, I found a replica of the famous car wor!   Bryan was excited and shyly posed for a pic.


mNhL said...

That's really cheap! Whenever we have dim sum (2A+2C), the price easily comes to around RM50.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Unbelievably cheap! Few weeks ago we also paid RM35 for dimsum in PJ but that was only for 2 adults and a kid and we just ordered a few items only, no drinks and tummy not that full also. So pricey!

Mummy Gwen said...

That's so cheap. So convenient for you coz it's near your condo.

reanaclaire said...

Very cheap..I will surely look for these tomorrow or the next day after! :)

chinnee (chinneeq@gmail.com) said...

penang is always fun, isn't it!

Eh, we made a stop at The One Academy too. Notice Mc Queen so placed so high up now. When we were there last Dec, both Mc Queen and Mater were on ground. Posted at http://www.demoments.net/blog/2012/01/penang-day-2-chee-cheong-fun-and-nyonya-breeze/