Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Celebrating Wesak with Ah Jib Kor!

There was no news in the local dailies about Ah Jib Kor visiting the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields on Wesak Day that fell on 5 May 2012, so we were kinda surprised he turned up there that day.

We visit this temple each year without fail on Wesak Day and reaching there about 9.30am, we were surprised to see a few VVIP (YB Raja Nong Chik, YB Leow Teong Lai, YB Koh Tsu Koon) at the start of the road leading to the temple.  Lots of policemen too.  So we knew some big shot was scheduled to arrive soon - but we never expected Ah Jib Kor.    We entered the temple and soon it was confirmed cos his handsome face was splattered across a large backdrop behind the stage. 

This is the closest that I have ever went near a Malaysian Prime Minister.  Hemsem boh?  My mom say he look a bit like matsalleh wor.  Got meh?

Too malas to listen to his speech, so we proceed to do what we came to do - to pray and receive blessings on this special day.    Bryan was excited about the blessed water sprinkles (he thinks its fun) and also queing for his bottle of holy water. 

We are proud of him as this is the very first year he manage to sit down throughout the prayer session.  

He was also very keen to donate money to the temple .. so I offered him to get a balloon with him making a donation into the donation box.  Explained to him what is donation .. hope he understands.

We are on full vegetarian on this special day (except Bryan of course) and very early this morning, I headed off to the wet market at Taman Yulek to get some precooked vegetarian dishes.  They were delish!!!  And cheap - only RM16 for all the below!!

The prawn si beh real!  Tasted so crunchy like real fresh prawns!   Told myself that if the 1st and 15th day of the month (fullmoon) falls on Sat or Sun, sure I will go and tapau this for our meals :)

For dinner, I made a reservations at Kechara Oasis located at Viva Mall.    They were hosting a wedding that evening but we managed to get a table for the 4 of us for an early celebrations of Mothers' Day with my mom.   Food there is really expensive but quality was there.  My mom said - next time go pasar buy that cooked vegetarian meals better lah .. aiyoh, my mom dear mom.


reanaclaire said...

wah...ah jib kor came ah.. very wai tai leh...

Small Kucing said...

Election near lo