Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mothers' Day Promotion - Flora Cupcakes

Never too soon to plan for Mothers' Day in May.    Show your love & support to that special woman in your life.     

There are so many mothers in our life actually - our own mother, the mother of your child or even the nanny who nurtured you and took care of you or your child .. they all play the important role that we all call "Mothers".

Bringing back my popular cupcake design for Mothers Day - Flora Cupcakes - roses & carnation designed cupcakes.    Specific colors can be requested on order to order basis. 



Cynthia said...

muahaahahah... congrats.. finally your blog constipation is cured! :p

Family First said...

Really ah? Can feed ah? I dont even know how to check if its feeding well .. muahahahah!! Thanks ah!