Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoo Animals Cupcakes

There was an order previously for a pre-wedding dinner and I made a lovely batch of purple cupcakes. The mother in law of the bride loved it so much that she ordered a batch of cupcakes for her 2 grandsons that also enjoyed the wedding cupcakes so much! As she is already 70++, she does not know what design she wanted for her grandkids, so I make a batch with Ben 10 theme. As expected, the boys were over the moon!

The following week, they went to a bakery and the grandma wanted to buy them some cakes to enjoy again, but the boys said that they prefer the Ben 10 ones wor .... oh how I wish I could hug & kiss them .. wuahahahaha!

So here was another for their afternoon tea. Made them simpler with less icing so decided that the zoo animals theme would be best. Still looks cute but with minimal icing.

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