Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another "Love" Cupcake

Got a request from an FB friend to bake a small batch for her church gathering. I think it was a very private wedding / engagement (not sure) and she wanted a design with some "love" motives in it. As she does not like stuff too sweet, I tried making them a little simple but still sweet-looking.

Within 3 hrs or so, I received an sms from her saying "Hi! The cupcakes were a hit. Rich in butter n taste yet soft in texture. Teeny bit sweet for me but everyone loves it. Thanks Jo ;)"

It sure makes my day when your customers takes the time to give you their feedback and tell you how much they loved my bakes. Makes me motivated to do better and improve on my baking/cake decorating skills as well as try to improve on my recipe too.

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