Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wesak Day Prayers

Wesak Day was on 9 May this year and it fell on a Saturday. Being a weekend, I knew the temples would be pretty packed. So we decided to visit the temple on the evening before.

We are frequent visitors to the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple located at Tun Sambanthan. This where I took the brat for his blessings each year on his birthday. This is also the temple where we registered our marriage 4 years ago.

I love it for its serenity and peace and most importantly, when it comes to large festive celebrations, this place is really well-organised with lots of volunteers offering their time and services to the temple. My sis is also a regular volunteer here and serves at this temple every year during Wesak.

Mom also usually buys freshly prepared vegetarian dishes from the various stalls that operate along the road leading into the temple, as we are on full-day vegetarian diet on this day.

I shall not start talking about the fuss the lil one kicked up while we were in the main shrine of the temple receiving blessings. Everyone was looking but I dont care. Biasalah.


agnes said...

yea.. I do miss wesak day procession at brickfields where I used to be there for past 4-5 yrs until I've married.. no time lah.. *sob sob*

but been taking vege every chor1, 15, guan yin tan & wesak day for 10 over years.. :)

Ann said...

There is one temply on top of the hill....near Midvalley....can't remember the name now....that one was cool.

The temple/assocation near my house had a procession on Sunday night....super jam....but was wondering why Sunday night.