Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Electrolux Warehouse Sale

I just dont have the mood to blog about this warehouse sale *sob*sob*. Cos all the built-in ovens were sold waaaaaaaay before I arrived!!!! Urrg!!!!

It was a one day sale on 8 Nov at their office in Shah Alam (on the right just after Batu 3 toll) from 9am-5pm. I never thought that soooo many people would jump for the built-in ovens so I reached there around 2pm only (after going about some usual Sat morning errands).

When I reached there, I ignored all their cheap juicers, vacuum cleaners & the rest and concentrated on locating the ovens! Ovens! But I could not sight a single one! Then I asked a lady (wearing the Electrolux t/shirt) .. excuse me .. do you have any built-in ovens on sale? And she replied ... aiyoh, built-in ovens ah ... you must come very early about 8am .. although we start at 9am .. cos they are our best selling items .. so everybody will come and grab it !

My heart instantaneously shrank and I could feel the pain physically. Yes. Its true. It was indeed painful. I felt soooo sad. Almost devastating. My face was long & heavy. It was even more painful when I saw the last unit getting packed for delivery and the price was ... only RM1,500. I could not believe my eyes.

I just put down my head and walked out to the lift lobby. I really had no further mood to look out for other bargains any more. Hubby was busy checking out the rest of the stuff .. and he did not realise that his wife was almost at the verge of tearing ...yes .. i cried when I reached the car. It was THAT painful.


LittleLamb said...

Dont feel sad la.
There are more w/house or good deals around. Jsut be on the look out ya...


MamaFaMi said...

So sorry to hear that you've missed the built in oven. Don't fret, there are many more that you can choose from okay...

sting said...

oh, so sorry you missed it.. that does sound like a good bargain.. perhaps try again at year end sale? good luck :-)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my blog...gosh...i hate it when i miss good deals too...but no worries, maybe you'll get a better deal next time ;)

U.Lee said...

Hi, hey...not to worry...these electronic ovens...like computers...give another 3 months and you'll get a better one.
Just hang on there....assure you, there will be one you'll fall in love with.

My wife dreamt of a Tiffany lamp, but it was expensive. She saved for it, took 6 months...then when had enough money saw the one she wanted had a new model, she grabbed it and said she happy did not buy the earlier one.

As for me, my previous computer was 14 years old! Using Windows ME. I always wanted a new computer but will go to stores look at them, but not enough money.

Then in May I had saved enough, and I bought the latest Apple Imac computer....the world's most advanced computer...as well bought the top of the line too, a 34 inch.

So...just hang on in there...you will get one you love. Trust me. Lee.

Kok said...

Oh no! You cried? Don't cry don't cry... Next time you'll be able to get one hopefully. :)

RM1500 is indeed very cheap! I wanna own one too so that I can bake! hehe.