Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Built-In Oven

I am one who likes to plan and plan ahead for one simple reason - limited budget - hahaha.

I am now on a look-out for a good and functional built-in oven and would like to know what would suit someone who is totally new to baking but very keen to explore her interest and who is willing to attend professional baking classes in the near future .. wah!

I recently visited found one retailer who is willing to offer me their brand new showroom unit Indesit oven for RM1,500. However, this unit is not the digital type and only has 5 basic functions incl on/off fan function. Do you think this is a good buy?

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U.Lee said...

Hi Family first...if you still 'L' license re baking, maybe it should suffice...as digital ones need programming etc....and like a camera, it is the photographer and not the camera, no matter if its a Nikon D300 or whatever.

Same goes for an oven, as long it can bake, why not, no need to waste good money just yet.

I remember my wife, that time girlfriend, they had an oven (this in the late 70's) that only a museum might want, but she too that time 'L' license, and somehow she did very well, did not burn the cakes or that old jurassic oven or burn her kitchen down...

She not only learned to make cakes, learned to cook Nonya dishes from that old, rusty oven, but she won me too,...made me lose my bachelor's degree, ha ha.

Just kidding here, but best to learn driving from a Toyota before going on to a BMW, ha ha....
Have fun baking.
Send me telegram when you bake a cake. Best regards, you have a nice day, Lee.