Sunday, October 26, 2008

Buying Second Hand Cars

Not everybody can afford new cars. Now with the economic situation worsening and all things getting more expensive these days, many may resort to purchasing second hand cars.

Before you dive into a purchase, be mindful to do some homework cos this can save you some money as well as headaches.

  • Check the current market value of the vehicle. There are guidebooks available from most newsagents that list the makes and models for almost all cars, given an approximate value with relation to age.

  • Check the body work for corrosion, rust or any mismatch in color in the different body parts. If corrosion, make sure it is cosmetic rather than structural.

  • Look at the general state of the engine. If you dont know how to do this, find a man who does! Check color of oil and coolant. Any thick black deposits (which is not a good sign)? Also check the mileage.

  • Do a background research and check its history - where the car is from and how many accident records it has if any.

I'm sure all these information would help you identify a good deal.

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